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Too many bugs !

When you type "0", "-3" is on the screen ! Please update !

Odometer In MILES !!!

I live In Europe, where we all use kilometers. I tried to enter my first fuel consumption : Odometer is IN MILES!!! Ni possibility to change it in kilometers. So this App is unusable all over Europe!!!!

Update IOS8 please !

Great app, Ive been using it for years. Please, write an update for IO8 ? Thanks !

quick & handy!

so far the best app i found in this category allowing for quick entry and data export. would be good to include display of total sums for km, money spent and litres. Update: data export error is fixed now and im very happy to keep on going with this great app.

iOS 8 compatibility

Please please please update the app to iOS 8! I have been using it for years now and it was great! Since I have updated my iPhone 5S to iOS 8, I am no longer able to enter new data. And I can’t even export the data from the app. Please provide a little update to ensure the compatibility with iOS 8! :-)

V 1.2.8

It is a minimalist app. Not many features but seems to do what it promised.

Does what it does very well at a great price.

The corrected weighted average and support for partial fill-ups takes AccuFuel from 4.5 to 5 stars. Sadly, the most recent update has borked data entry so 30.45L enters as 3-0-4-5 which becomes 3L - which males for seriously high fuel efficiency (not to mention inaccurate). Lets hope for a quick fix so I dont have to keep receipts on file.

Useful little app if you merely want to track fuel consumption

AccuFuel makes pretty graphs and works well with multiple vehicles. I live by the USA/Canada border and often fill up in either country, so I appreciate that AccuFuel allows you to change your fill up units. Its also nice to have the option of exporting via email rather than relying on a companys servers. Only complaints are that the UI is sometimes buggy and wont let me change settings for a vehicle. Also, the app collects the price per unit of fuel, but doesnt do anything with the data. All you can do is export it to Excel and manipulate data there.

Nice little app...

Does what it does well. Icon needs to be optimised for retina display though.

Almost there

If youre going to let us enter the mileage in metric (kms), then adjust the fuel to track in Liters too. I like the simplicity of the app, but Ill never use it if I have to convert L to gallons every time...

Excellent app

This is perfect for my purposes -- and simple to use. It is one app I would not want to do without. When I first downloaded it, I was unhappy that my car was so old it wasnt on it (1990) but after I bought a new car (2 years ago), I use this app all the time and look forward to what calculations it will come up with.

Needs update

You can use metric for odometer, but need to enter fuel volume in gallons? Please add liters. 2010 is the latest models of vehicles in the apps database. Update please!


The app DOES allow you to use liters. Create the vehicle and then go to edit its settings. Its there. Needs back up and restore. Worthless without it. And retina graphics.

Not bad

Would be nice if you could toggle between li/100 & MVP(uk).

Great app it does what its suppose to

This app works very well I use liters and mms do there is no problem entering the info just over all a very good useful app

Works great

Everything I need to track fuel economy. Input fill-ups in liters or gallons.

Beats the hell out tracking it by hand

Simple and easy to use, all that really matters

Works great

Would be nice if info page showed how much each tank cost. Would make it easier to keep track weekly/monthly totals.

Missing 2011 settings

Set up and works ok for my 2004 car. Tried to set up my new 2011 Corolla - didnt work as no settings for 2011 models. Advised Appigo who said they are working on it? They advised how to set it up manually. Model year 2012 is due out shortly! Better work harder!

98% of the way there. . now lets get the other 2%. . please?

This is an extremely good app, with a great interface for putting in all your data. It works as advertised. The only thing I wish they would add would be to change the type of units you are putting into your car at the time of your fill up. I live in Canada, but I often take trips to the U.S.. It would be nice to input U.S. Gallons, when Im in the U.S., as opposed to having to convert to litres for every fill, while Im on a trip. Also, being able to toggle between MPG (either US or Imperial), litres/100km, or km/litre, by tapping somewhere in the interface, which is also very attractive - dont change a thing because it is perfect Appigo! - would be a great update to this app, and Im sure it wouldnt be that difficult to do. If I could give 4.9 stars out of 5, I would. *Update*. This app is no longer supported by Appigo so I withdraw my previous rating and give it a fail. 1 out of 5 is my new rating. Thanks a lot Appigo.

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